Crystals For Your Home Starter Kit - 16 pieces


DesertUSA's Healing Crystals for Your Home Starter Kit includes 16 unique crystals: 7 raw crystals and 9 tumbled stones carefully packaged in a wooden box with a lid.

This is a starter collection of stones and crystals that can be used for reiki, healing, chakra balancing, feng shui, meditation or as decor for your home or office. 

Each kit includes: Selenite Stick, Clear Quartz Point, Raw Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz Tumbled, Amethyst Druze Cluster on Basalt, Amethyst Tumbled, Red Jasper Tumbled, Carnelian Tumbled, Tiger’s Eye Tumbled, Green Aventurine Tumbled, Sodalite Tumbled, Howlite Tumbled, Raw Pyrite, Raw Black Tourmaline, Malachite Tumbled, Raw Citrine and an information sheet about the crystals.

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