DesertUSA Agate Geode Bookends

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About this item

  • Agate is a calming, protective stone. It helps stabilize moods and confers a calm composure. Anger and tension relax and transform into peaceful concentration. It is especially good in a work or study environment, sharpening focus and assisting in learning.
  • Agate often occurs with dramatic striations. The centers of these bookend stones have been polished to feature the elegant and unique formations displayed in each piece while the external stone has been left in its natural rough state, forming a striking textural contrast.
  • Each of these stones are completely unique. The one you receive may not match the photo exactly. There will be no other like it.
  • ♻️ We feature green packaging. The box your bookends arrive in is completely recyclable and biodegradable, as well as the filler included to protect the stones in shipping.
  • 💠 Each order comes with a bonus! A keychain with a geode is included with every order, so you can carry your luck with you!
  • Size/Weight: 2 - 3.5 lbs