DesertUSA 30-120 lb Portable Large Dog Sling for Back Leg Support Helps Elderly Dogs with Reduced Mobility, Dog Lift Harness, Dog Lifter for Arthritis ACL Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation, Size 6"x40"


About this item

  • 🦮 ONE SIZE: 40"x6" DOG SLING can help lift dogs up to 120 lbs. This dog lifting sling harness comes with its own case for convenient storage and travel. Just fold it and put it into the portable bag to take it with you. Long handles help you walk your dog without bending over.
  • 🦮 MICROFIBER FLEECE INNER SURFACE PROVIDES COMFORT FOR YOUR DOG: Sturdy and durable dog harness provides the support to handle your dog when their back legs are not strong enough or too painful to support them. Equipped with soft fleece inside for your dog's comfort.
  • 🦮 EFFECTIVE ASSISTANCE: Medical dog support sling can help your dog walk, climb, and live a normal life after the dog has suffered from degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, ACL tears, arthritis pain, aging joints or other debilitating ailments. You can assist your canine companion and help alleviate their hip pain and prevent further injury.
  • 🦮 END BACK PAIN: The dog harness is a great replacement to your traditional dog sling carrier when supporting your dog's back legs. Stop bending over to lift your dog off the ground.
  • 🦮 EASY TO USE: Just move it out of the way if needed when your dog has to "go". Dark color hides stains. Machine washable.