Death Valley National Park Introductory Package


This package includes all of the information you need to plan a trip to Death Valley National Park. Maps, historical information, points of interest, hiking and walking trails. Includes four items and we ship it to you free.

What You Get

The Explorer's Guide to Death Valley National Park (second edition) 431 pages

This is the first complete guidebook available for the spectacular -- Death Valley National Park. It covers the park's geologic history and also reviews the human history of the valley, from the Indians and first western explorers to the prospectors, miners, and present-day visitors. The explorer's Guide contains short walks, day hikes, backpacking trips, and numerous descriptive road logs that lead explorers into the wilderness backcounty of mines, ghost towns, cactus gardens, incredible scenic vistas, and desert mysteries.

Written by two acknowledged desert naturalists, explorers, and conservationists, T. Scott Bryan and Betty Tucker-Bryan.

Road Guide to Death Valley National Parks

This book is designed to to guide visitors on a driving tour of the major sights in Death Valley. 48 page with color photos and maps.

Death Valley Map Waterproof Topo Map

Full-color, shaded-relief topographic maps for hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking in Parks, Forests, and Wilderness Areas in California. The maps have color-coded symbols and trails, mileages between trail junctions, latitude/longitude, UTM grids, contour lines, vegetation, and elevations at trail junctions.

HIKE Death Valley - Pocket Guide

Reconnect with Nature and Have a Wonderful Time on the Trail!

From Golden Canyon to Panamint Dunes to Zabriskie Point, Trailmaster John MKinney shares his favorite hikes in the hottest driest spot on the continent.

Hike Coffin Peak, Dante's View and Hell's Gate - places way more fun to visit then their names suggest!

Explore swirling sand dunes, cross shimmering salt flats, and drop by Badwater, lowest point in the hemisphere.

Chill-out atop Telescope Peak, ponder pupfish in Salt Creek, marvel at the sliding rocks in Racetrack Valley