Citrine Crystal Points Cluster Tea Light Candle Holder

$38.99 $49.95
  • 🕯 BEAUTIFUL NATURAL Citrine Crystal POINTS TEA LIGHT CANDLE HOLDER is roughly 4 inches in width, with a central space 1.5 inches wide, sized to hold a standard tea candle. The bottom has a felt base to protect surfaces. Includes 1 tea light candle.
  • 🙏 PERFECT FOR HOME DECOR, reiki energy healing, chakra work, meditation space, or wicca altar. 
  • 💝 STONE OF PROSPERITY, sunshine yellow citrine is a healing crystal believed to promote success, good fortune and confidence, helping you to manifest your dreams. Sometimes called the merchant's stone, it's often placed near the front door to invite wealth in. Its sunny energy connects to the solar plexus chakra, helping to increase self esteem and self trust, and to lighten moodiness.
  • 🍾 DRAMATIC TABLE CENTERPIECE, for joyful wedding decorations or impressive dinner parties
  • 💎 NATURAL, UNIQUE AND DISTINCTIVE genuine rough citrine crystal points. Your special citrine from DesertUSA will be unlike any other.
  • 🔮 HANDMADE FROM BRAZILIAN CITRINE. Created by artisans carefully forming beautiful pieces. Color and crystalline shapes may differ due to natural variations in genuine raw citrine.🎁 GREAT AND MUCH LOVED GIFT for birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day. Luminous sunshine yellow votive candle holder arrives in gold box, ready for gifting to bring light and warmth to the lucky recipient.
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