1 lb Bulk Black Tourmaline Large Rough Pieces - Natural, Versatile, and Includes Free Bonus Selenite Stick

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Explore the world of Black Tourmaline with our 1 lb Bulk Black Tourmaline Large Rough Pieces. These raw, natural stones bring the protective and grounding energy of Black Tourmaline into your life, offering endless possibilities for both beginners and experienced collectors.

Key Features:

Quantity and Size: Each package contains 1 lb of rough Black Tourmaline pieces, with each stone weighing between 20 – 40g, providing a diverse range of shapes and sizes.

Versatile Use: Black Tourmaline is prized for its protective and grounding properties. Use these natural stones for home decor, tumbling, polishing, jewelry making, lapidary, crystal healing, alternative medicine, chakra work, reiki, wicca, feng shui, meditation, and decoration.

Gift-Worthy: These bulk Black Tourmaline crystals make a thoughtful and meaningful gift for both newcomers and seasoned crystal enthusiasts.

Information Guide: Included with your purchase is an informative guide about Black Tourmaline, including its chakra meanings and metaphysical properties, helping you unlock the full potential of these crystals.

Free Bonus Selenite Stick: Ensure the purity of your stones with a complimentary Selenite Stick, perfect for cleansing and clearing your new crystals.

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Black Tourmaline is renowned for its ability to protect against negative energies and promote a sense of security. Incorporate these natural stones into your life and experience their powerful influence. Start your journey with our 1 lb Bulk Black Tourmaline Large Rough Pieces today!