Apple Mesquite Muffin Mix and Desert Apple Jelly Combo - Nutrient-Rich Mesquite Flour and Fresh Apple Delight


Experience a delectable blend of flavors with our Apple Mesquite Muffin Mix and Desert Apple Jelly Combo. The naturally sweet, nutty essence of mesquite flour harmoniously combines with the freshness of apples and carrots, resulting in moist muffins that are both delicious and nutritionally enriching.

Key Features:

Mesquite Flour Delight: Our muffin mix is crafted with mesquite flour, a prized ingredient known for its unique sweet and nutty flavor. It also boasts high fiber, high protein, and mineral content.

Ancient Tradition: Mesquite beans and pods have been a cherished food source for Native Americans for centuries, appreciated not just for their taste but also for their nutritional benefits.

Fresh Apple Jelly: Accompanying the muffin mix is our delightful Desert Apple Jelly, made with fresh, tart apples and a hint of lemon. It perfectly complements the apple and spice flavor of the muffins.

Complete Package: Each package includes one 12 oz Apple Mesquite Muffin Mix and one 5 oz Desert Apple Jelly, providing a well-rounded culinary experience.

Yields 12 Muffins: Our muffin mix conveniently yields 12 muffins, making it perfect for gatherings or satisfying your cravings over time.

Free Shipping: Enjoy the convenience of FREE shipping, bringing this delightful combo right to your doorstep.

Discover the rich heritage of mesquite and the refreshing taste of fresh apples with our Apple Mesquite Muffin Mix and Desert Apple Jelly Combo. Elevate your breakfast or snack time with these nutrient-rich treats that celebrate the flavors of nature.