Four Piece Crystal Kit - Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Clear Quartz Crystal Point


Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set
Four-piece crystal kit

Each gemstone in this healing crystal kit is known for encouraging love and romance, and strengthening the bonds in relationships. These beautiful crystals also inspire self-love.  

Rose Quartz – This beautiful pink gemstone symbolizes unconditional love. It heightens intimacy by opening the heart to give and receive love. It can encourage love of self, replacing self-doubt. Attracts new romantic love or renews love and connection in an existing relationship. 

Clear Quartz Crystal Point – Considered a master healing stone, clear quartz helps balance and energize.  Often used along with other crystals and stones to boost their power. 

Selenite Stick – One of the most sacred crystals, selenite represents spiritual rejuvenation. It is used to clear and cleanse energy. Think of it as a wand to brush away negative energy.

Amethyst Cluster – Sometimes referred to as the “stone of love,” amethyst is believed to strengthen relationships, deepen soulmate connections and inspire fidelity and commitment.