Regal Horned Lizard Painted Figurine 3"

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Scientific name: Phrynosoma solare Possessed of an entire crown of horns this species is certainly the most Regal of all the species of Horned Lizards in the United States. Unlike most of the other Horned Lizards this species' range has actually expanded and there have been numerous reports of sightings of him in the lower part of New Mexico. His large array of horns gives him a little bit of a ferocious look, however like most Horned Lizards they have a sweet disposition and seem to not mind being handled by people.

Horned Lizards - Of all the North American lizards, Horned Lizards are the most fearsome-looking and distinctive by virtue of the pointed, protruding "horns" above their eyes. These creations are the closest representation to real horned lizards. When you hold one in your hand, you will believe that it is real. The feeling of holding a horned lizard will stay in your memory forever. All figurines are hand painted and made with pewter. The Texas and California lizards have developed different colorings.