Painted Figurine of a Pair of California Horned Lizards

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Pair of Horned Lizards - In the early spring when horny toads emerge they go into the mating season. When a male and female meet they do an intricate little dance not unlike the Texas two step. One-step forward two steps back. They go up on all fours and do little push ups to impress each other. “I can do more…. No, I can do more…” It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen and so funny it would make you fall off your chair laughing.

When the female knows she has that male's attention and she is sure that it is the one that she wants, she goes up on all fours throws her tail up in the air not unlike a Spanish dancer swirling her skirt. She definitely has that male's attention now.

The male goes up on all fours and his tail shoots out behind him and curls at the end. He has been captured. If she walked off a cliff right now he would just blindly follow her off with a silly expression on his face. - What happens next I leave up to your imagination.