Rose Quartz Lamp on Wood Base

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Natural Rose Quartz Lamp on wood base These stone lamps are Rose Quartz with a light inside. They come on a non-endangered Brazilian wood base. The light bulb and cord are included. The total light base and store is approximately 6.5" to 7" High by 3" Wide. The light is inside the stone - 115 volts. Free Shipping

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT THE ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL? The heart healing properties are the most prominent energy of the rose quartz. No other crystal or stone is as skilled as rose quartz in helping one dissolve painful memories related to love. At the same time, rose quartz is also powerful in attracting love energy, this is why it is extensively used in feng shui cures for love & marriage.

WHERE DOES THE ROSE QUARTZ COME FROM? Most rose quartz crystals come from Brazil, US and China.

WHAT ARE THE SPECIFIC FENG SHUI PROPERTIES OF ROSE QUARTZ? In feng shui, the rose quartz is used as love cure. You can find many carvings in rose quartz - from mandarin ducks to hearts, wealth pots and gourds (wu lou), usually tied by a red string and completed as a tassel with the mystic knot pattern.

  • Bonus selenite stick and two pieces of tumbled rose quartz.
  • As these pieces are naturally formed, the size and shape will vary.
  • Free Shipping