Love & Luck Rocks Gift Set for Men


Five-piece gift set with crystal pyramid and men’s bracelet

Give him a unique and meaningful gift that he will remember and enjoy for years to come.   Each gemstone included in this gift set has a special meaning. Combined together, these crystals inspire romance, love, commitment and good luck.

Orgone Chakra Pyramid is made of black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, amazonite, and green jade. These pyramids are believed to reduce EMF.  

  • Black tourmaline is well known as a premier protective and grounding stone. It's said to have the ability to pull negative energy in and to transmute it, releasing those in the vicinity from depression and worry.
  • Green jade has had a long presence in human history. Revered by many, it's thought to bring positive outcomes to the user, along with friendship, tranquility and peace. This serene stone accents good luck, easing elements in the environment into harmonious balance.
  • Lapis Lazuli stimulates wisdom, good judgement and creativity. It is known for encouraging honesty in communication and it can bring harmony to relationships.
  • Amazonite is referred to as the “hope” stone. It helps reduce fears and doubts and replaces those emotions with optimism and hope.  In Reiki healing amazonite is used to clear and balance the heart chakra.

Lava Stone Bracelet - This bracelet comes adorned with volcanic lava beads representing the earth for grounding and calming. Lava stones bestow strength and courage in times of change. This stone bead bracelet secures and adjusts with a shocker tie knot closure. The bracelet is adjustable to fit different wrist sizes. 8 to 10 inches long.

Clear Quartz Crystal Point – Considered a master healing stone, clear quartz helps balance and energize.   Often used along with other crystals and stones to boost their power. 

Tiger’s Eye is well known as a stone of protection that inspires courage, self-confidence and willpower.

Green Aventurine is a stone of opportunity, abundance and luck.  It is also believed to inspire passion and attract love.